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Welcome to the official website of YAS Download. All-in-one Video Downloader for iPhone. Use this Shortcut and Download Any Videos from YT, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and more.

Suppose you’re an iPhone User and want to download any video, music, or image onto your device. You’ve reached the right destination……

Now, some of you assumed that I am gonna tell you about the website from which you could be able to download the videos. For god sake, you don’t have to go anywhere… Yas Download has got you covered. 

Well, “what is YAS download” Let me explain to you!

What Is YAS Download?

Yas Download is a famous Shortcut for iPhone and iPad that was developed by Yas8p”. This Shortcut is only accessible for IOS devices. Yas allows iPhone users to download their favorite content from any social media platform. In other words, we can say “Your wish to access media on your iPhone is possible through this Shortcut.”

This shortcut is workable with 12-13-14-15-16… or later IOS devices. Before this, it might be hard to download videos, reels, or any content from social media. Thanks to “YAS Download” This tool helps people a lot….

Crucial Prospects of Yas Download

Let’s learn the prospects of YAS Download together… Here are some of them:

  • Downloaders of Instagram and YT are fixed.
  • There’s no watermark on TikTok videos.
  • Excellent Quality video downloading services.
  • Downloads from Pinterest are fixed.
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Features To Consider In Yas Shortcut

This Shortcut has changed the revolution of social media. IPhone users who use this shortcut are enjoying their well-being. The most important aspect of this tool is its valuable features which are usable and accessible to all users…  

Useful For Any Social Media

When using a Yas download, the first thing that will enter our minds is its feature to download content with multiple social media platforms.

This feature ensures iPhone users that they can save their favorite social media content efficiently and browse that content at any time. It takes place with an easy downloading process. 

Free Watermark Videos

People consider a watermark irritating as it can annoy users who want to download videos from TikTok and YT. This feature of YAS saves videos and images without any watermark on it….

Easy To Download

If you really desire to use this Shortcut for free. Go ahead, you can download this tool from “Our Site Name” for free. I know after reading some of you might be shocked. Yes, this shortcut is free of cost and you can get this just by clicking the “Download” button on the top. 

Fast Downloading Speed

Whenever we download something from the internet by using the software, the first eye-catching thing we consider is its downloading speed. Because sometimes our files are huge and take a lot of time to save. 

YAS Shortcut has the ability to download large files with a fast downloading speed. Also, it doesn’t matter how fast your internet connection is, Yas download provides efficient and quick speed. 

Friendly User Interface

It’s not important that you have to be educated to use Shortcuts. A friendly user interface is an important feature as it can engage people with its easy-to-use interface to use its functions. 

Yas Shortcut has one of them and comes with a great user interface like, 

“Look you don’t have to become a master to use tools”

All you need to do is install these shortcuts and follow the guidelines to download any social media content. 

Install Yas Download

As we discussed its amazing features now, this paragraph will be specific to the Install section. We have created a column for our potential audience and arranged the data accordingly to make people understand everything efficiently. 

Below, you can get information about this shortcut like its version and its author. Okay, it’s cool but how can we add this shortcut to Shortcuts Gallery?

Don’t be worried, we’re here for you! At the mid-end of the column, you can see a view shortcut button by clicking on this button you will be redirected to the “GET Now”  button like, 

Yas Download
NameYas Download
iOS16, 17, 18
Updated On18st July 2024

Click the Above Button To Add This Shortcut to your iPhone or iPad


Well, some of you might be thinking that there is a need to present screenshots. Frankly yes! The screenshot indicates the reality and shows you the actual face of the thing you discussed well here on this we talk about “YAS Download” 

By viewing these screenshots you can understand how you can get this shortcut into your iPhone device. The other useful thing you can analyze from these screenshots is “you will be able to overcome the complexity of using this tool because you might be a new iPhone user and don’t know much about the interface of this tool. That’s the main reason for presenting these screenshots. Hope it’s clear now!

Setup Technique of Yas Download on IOS (iPhone/iPad)

It’s great news for those people who just buy new iPhones and don’t know much about this Shortcut and figure out a way to “Install YAS Shortcut” on their iPhone devices. 

Let me explain to you! 

YAS provides a convenient installation process means you don’t have to be worried about installation as you can access this Shortcut by following the simple steps below:

Step#1 Install the Shortcut app:

Assuming that you have added this Shortcut by clicking the button on our site which is located at the top now.

After you have completed the installation process it’s time to move to the next step!

Step#2 Launch the Shortcut:

Open the Shortcut App on your iPhone by clicking on it and looking for the “Yas Download”. 

Step#3 Enjoy its features:

Congratulations, you have successfully installed this Shortcut on your iPhone device and you may now use its useful features. THAT’S IT!

What Platforms Does Yas Shortcut Promote?

This amazing tool supports a range of social media platforms. Here’s the list of those platforms……

  • YT
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tiktok

You can download any content whether it be video, music, or audio from any of these platforms….

How Can We Save Media Files Through Yas Download?

The most popular methods to save your desired social media files through Yas download are:


The first method is you can download content from Safari. All you need to enter the URL of the content which you want to save into URL-Space. 

After completing this step, you have to insert a filename, and then Boom! Your desired content will start downloading!


The second step is simple and I personally preferred you to go through this step. Just open any social media application, select the content that you need to download, and then click the share button. 

After that click select more option there you will find “yas shortcut” to download the content on your iPhone. 


Can I download Yas download Shortcut For Free?

Yes, You can easily Add Yas Download Shortcut for free. 

All you have to do is to go through “yasdownload.cc  there you should be able to add this amazing Shortcut.

Could I employ a Yas shortcut file for all IOS versions?

Well, if you desire to employ this file in all IOS devices, 

Don’t be worried, yes! You can use this tool on all IOS devices by getting this Shortcut from our site. 

What is the actual file size of YAS Download shortcut?

This Shortcuts Codes comes in 120kb file size of internet data on your iphone device. 

What is the current updated version of yas download?

The updated version of Yas Download shortcut is 7.81


In my final words, I just wanted to share with you my personal experience of using this Shortcut because I am also an iPhone user. Look, iPhone developers are making progress day by day. 

People would love to have an iPhone to show off their selves as they belong to a rich family. But in reality, the iPhone is trending in the world due to its zero ads environment and its mind-blowing features. 

If you desire to download any social media content with any distribution, you should go through Yas Download

We have explained everything about this Shortcut from top to bottom in a detailed manner.